About Us

Maestranza de Yoga Pangal was born from the encounter of siblings who share a common vision about the need to create common spaces, while being friendly to nature, allowing us to rest, practice yoga and achieve physical and spiritual wellness.

Macarena Miranda
Macarena has been to teaching Yoga for 12 years. After studying integral Yoga, she opted for further training in the Iyengar methodcertified to teach in 2009. It has developed a special interest in Yoga therapy through as a source of health to restore balance in the body, which complemented his studies in Floral therapy. In 2011 she decided to leave the city and go to Pichilemu, to enhance the holistic path of Yoga with the need to live in nature.

Andrés del Canto
Cartographer by profession, he is currently in charge of the buildings, and along with Macarena are stable hosts the Center. His ability to recycle materials and use of natural resources, has turn him into a person with extensive knowledge in green building.

Sebastián Miranda
Holds a degree in civil engineering. His career is linked to the creation of innovative projects and organizations such as the Mirador Interactive Museum, museum of science, art and perception. Also to the company Efecto Educativo, linked to the generation of concrete and digital material to improve the quality of education, company with presence in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Panama. His vast experience in creating projects and engineering training have been of enormous importance in projecting Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal as a center, gradually integrating sources is efficient, perpetual and renewable energy.

Ignacio Miranda
Linked to the arts at early age, participated as founding member of chilean Gran Circo Teatro under the direction of Andrés Pérez Araya. He studied filmmaking at National Autonomous University of Mexico, and works as a cinematographer in film and TV. His contribution to Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal is linked to the generation of content and images for promotion and internationalization of the Center.

What unites us

We have a common interest in being participants in today's changing consciousness, where relationships and valuations are changing. To contribute creatively and actively in this change, is essential to find a personal wellbeing and calm that drive these new relationships; this is where yoga and meditation have become useful tools. On the other hand, we are not indifferent to the problems related to the abuse of natural resources and influences of this abuse on global climate change.

For this reason, Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal we are motivated to be a center of experimentation to work with solutions that simultaneously satisfy human needs without destroying, deplete or contaminate natural resources.

Axes of Action

The axes of action of Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal are still in its early stages, but we want to start building with over the years. We aim to build a place in harmonic construction with the environment, able to hold places for yoga, meditation, organic orchards, and recreation and relaxation in a natural setting of forest and beaches, allow us a profound encounter with oneself and the environment.