Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal is a rest, recreation and wellness yoga center located in a natural setting of forests, lakes and beaches. It is also a center of permanent connection and experimentation around the "Green Building", renewable energy, and organic gardens.

Casa Costa

Casa Costa was born from the alliance of Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal with Karel Overbeek and An de Coq, who are part of the Dutch Reality Show "Helemaal het Einde in Pichilemu" (Till the end of the word in Pichilemu).

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Built under ecological guidelines of the books of American architect Michael Reynolds, who promotes the design and construction from recycling and self-sufficiency. The building has 120mt2, uses the energy delivered by the natural and cultural environment.

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Geodesic dome supported by wooden triangles whose angles are calculated accurately, allowing a foundation that is held without pillars, but rather as a vault. Equipped with solar panels, kitchen, bathroom, hot water, refrigerator, coffee maker and electric heating.

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