Harmonic construction with the environment

Architectural guidelines of Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal are based on models "energitérmicas" (efficient use of thermal energy), ecological and self-sustainable construction. This objective will gradually lead towards the ideal of sustainability and energy supply manner. For which we have a plan related to the collection of water, organic waste recycling, use of solar energy, wind energy and utilization of the thermal mass of the earth.

Ecological Dome

Our cozy geodesic dome, is a semi-spherical shape home, supported by wooden triangles whose angles are calculated accurately, allowing a foundation that is held without pillars, but rather as a vault. This 25mt2 building is equipped with solar panels, kitchen, bathroom, hot water, refrigerator, coffee maker and electric heating.

A loft with two mattresses in height and geodetic window to look the stars. A small terrace with beautiful views of the forest and surrounded by nature trails. The dome is ideal for writers, artists, athletes, couples, adventurers and pets.

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Casa Costa or House of Open Arms

Casa Costa was born from the alliance of Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal with Karel Overbeek and An de Coq, who are part of the Dutch Reality Show "Helemaal het Einde in Pichilemu" (Till the end of the word in Pichilemu). An and Karel decided to build an organic house in our land. For this reason the house was built in a few months, months that lasted the reality show.

The house is made primarily of wood from our land and bales of straw covered with mud. The thickness of the walls of bales and the coating of mud, generate a bulky thermal and insulating mass that keeps tempered the interior. One of the outstanding elements of this construction is that is made with voluntary contribution coming from different parts of the world. Approximately 40 volunteers have contributed their talent and creativity, but it was thanks to the union of those caring arms of the volunteers has been possible to build this home, that's why is called Casa Costa, or House of Open Arms. This construction is ready to open in April 2018.

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