Yoga is an ancient art and a philosophy born in India, and considered a gift to humanity. Recognized by the UN in 2014 as a beneficial discipline to the overall health of people, Yoga gives us the opportunity to find a way of wellness and health. With sustained practice can align our body from its outer side to approach the core of being, freeing from the beginning of physical barriers.

Maestranza de Yoga el Pangal has a certified Iyengar Yoga method teacher, weekly classes, restorative yoga classes, special classes for our guests and intense practice withdrawals. We have a Yoga room and all the equipment needed for practice.

Living Yoga

The yoga room, is made with wood from the area, has wood heating for cold weather, a capacity for 10 people and all the equipment needed for yoga practice. . In this room regular classes are held for practitioners of Pichilemu and the surrounding area, classes for guests who visit and yoga retreats are also given.

Yoga - Winter Schedule

Clases grupales abiertas al público.


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